Guidance for using Remo

Please read below before the event

This event will run on a new platform and requires you to do a couple of things before the meeting, format as follows:


We are using a new virtual platform to network. Take a look at this short video to see what your networking platform will look like and how to use it

Why not create a profile/virtual business card before the event. Setting this up before the meeting could make a difference to your networking experience.  Collect the following details and create your user if you have not used Remo before (the short video will guide you how to do this):

  • Your headline/brief of what you do
  • Your company name
  • Your job title
  • Your LinkedIn log in URL
  • Website URL
  • Your profile picture needs to be 512KB

Please use the email that you registered with on our website or it will not let you join the event.

When you click on the link, click that you accept the invite, create your user and save yourself a spot at the event. This is something you only have to do once so any future visits will let you straight into the networking event.

On the day be ready and the room will open at 1pm.

Please note: this software works best with Chrome.  Desktops, laptops and mobile phones work well but tablets are not yet supported.  It will help if you make sure your operating system is updated to the latest version


  • On desktops and laptops, Remo is compatible with macOS and Windows 10
  • On smartphones, Remo is compatible with iOS and Android
  • On Windows 10 - desktops and laptops, Remo is compatible with Chrome and Firefox
  • On Mac - desktops and laptops, Remo is compatible with Chrome, Safari and Firefox

If you find you are having any problems the best tip is to refresh your screen.

Joining details:

  • Attend the meeting via this link
  • Join the event by logging in with the email you used to register on our website
  • Click allow camera and microphone (default settings are set to off)
  • When you enter the room you will be randomly placed at a table where you can start chatting and move around


  • The microphone and camera buttons are found at the bottom of the screen
  • You will enter a room with a maximum of 50 attendees.  You will have a bird’s-eye view of a table layout within the room.  Each table has four chairs
  • Move around the room by double clicking on a table where there is a free chair. The knocking noise you hear is someone joining your table
  • To check out who is on the table before your move, hover over their picture and their profile will pop up
  • When on your table, you will see at the top of the screen the people on camera at your table
  • To make the pictures bigger click ‘tile view’ on the bottom bar, click ‘back to map’ to shrink them back
  • You have 3 chat options: General – your message will go to the entire room; Table – your message will go to just those on the table; Private - your message will just go to the person you want to speak to
  • You can download any chats by clicking on the chat and then clicking ‘export chat’ from the top bar


  • Remo gives you free reign to move about the room at your own pace and time
  • There are no pitches required
  • Our Virtual Peterborough Professionals Network host will welcome you to the room but after that you are free to move around tables as you wish
  • We do encourage people to move around throughout the event and not to stay at one table for the entire event.  It is your call but if you don’t stay at a table for more than 10 minutes at a time we feel it will enhance your overall networking experience
  • Approximately half way through the event we will offer the opportunity for a Q&A session
  • You will see a notification on the screen when we are reaching the end of the event