How quickly can I liquidate my company?

In short

You can put your company into liquidation within seven days by giving written notice to all known creditors.  We would normally do this for you.  Shareholders are entitled to a longer period of 14 days unless they consent to short notice.

In more detail

Although you do need to give shareholders 14 days notice if 90% of the shareholders agree to short notice then the shareholders meeting can be held sooner.  This means you can liquidate your company in seven days.  By speeding up this process and the sooner you do it the sooner it stops creditors from contacting you.

Firstly we need to review your company’s current financial position and make sure that liquidation is the right procedure for you.  We will then prepare all the paperwork for you to sign that will be sent to shareholders and creditors.  We will then send all the paperwork onto creditors and deal with any questions they have.

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