CVA in Ely

If your business is struggling financially and unable to meet its obligations a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) could be the answer

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It is not uncommon for businesses to suffer times of financial distress, this then manifests itself in cashflow problems which can often eat into a business’s resources to fend off creditors.  It can be a difficult time - both for the business and personally - and can take its toll on your own ability to perform to your best.    Look no further, help is at hand with a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) which could help you repackage your debt into one single monthly payment.

At McTear Williams & Wood we have helped numerous businesses across a variety of sectors move into a CVA.  Why not arrange a free and confidential initial meeting at our offices in Norwich.  A CVA can provide vital breathing time and space to turn your business around and back to profitability.

Why use McTear Williams & Wood?

  • Demonstrate the means - it is necessary for your business to show that it has the ability to meet monthly repayments – but how much and for how long? We have the experience to know what works.
  • Working with creditors - we act as an independent third party aiding communication with your creditors in order to secure their consent.
  • Legal and accounting obligations - in order to obtain support for a CVA you must be fully transparent and our expertise ensures that you are set up correctly to work with these procedures.

Act now for the best results

Every day that your company wastes its resources managing creditors’ expectations and juggling cashflow is a day that you could use to run your business more productively. Implement a CVA today to free up your time and get back to doing what you do best.

McTear Williams & Wood is able to provide you an objective appreciation of your current financial situation and whether a CVA is a good option in a one to two hour initial consultation from our Norwich offices.  Find out by booking your free consultation and call McTear Williams & Wood on 0800 331 7417

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