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Restructure all your company debt into a system

of manageable repayments

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When your business is under cashflow pressures this can absorb the time and energy of any company director. Late payments and demands from creditors will often reduce your ability to complete orders and contend for some of the more profitable contracts in your sector.

A CVA or company voluntary arrangement allows you to negotiate with your creditors and set up a system of repayments to ease the burden of debt.  All your liabilities are considered and placed into a single lump sum which is then used to calculate the monthly charge necessary to service the debt.

You will need the support of a registered and licensed insolvency practitioner to help you implement a CVA successfully.  With a proven track record of achieving resolutions in creditor negotiations McTear Williams & Wood is ideally placed to help you achieve the best result for your business.

How it works

  • Demonstrate the means  - it is necessary for your business to show that it has the ability to meet monthly repayments – but how much and for how long? We have the experience to know what works.
  • Working with creditors  - we act as an independent third party aiding communication with your creditors in order to secure their consent.
  • Legal and accounting obligations  - in order to obtain support for a CVA you must be fully transparent and our expertise ensures that you are set up correctly to work with these procedures.

Why act now?

Find out more information about a potential CVA at our offices near Bournemouth where one of our senior advisors will talk you through all the details.  You may have more options than you realise however fast action will give you the best chance of successfully implementing such an agreement.  Call us on 0800 331 7417