Creditor reports

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To improve communications and reduce costs, creditor/shareholder reports and other documents are published in our secure portal. As a creditor you will have received written notification of a login and password which provides access to reports and other information.

Please enter your username and password. Once logged in you will be able to view your case specific documents.

Data Protection Policy

During the course of our engagement you may disclose personal data to us. In providing our services we act as an independent controller and are, therefore, responsible for complying with Data Protection Law in respect of any personal data we process in providing our services to you. Our privacy statement explains how we process personal data. You may also be an independent controller and if you disclose personal data to us we will assure that such disclosure is fair and lawful and otherwise does not contravene Data Protection Law.

Should you experience any problems whilst logging in or downloading from this area please contact us immediately on 01603 877540.

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