Implement a company voluntary arrangement
in East Anglia

Are problems with debt impeding your ability to function as a business?

A company voluntary arrangement from McTear Williams & Wood could be the ideal route back to profitability

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Poor cashflow can seriously impact a business's ability to function properly. If all the resources are engaged with servicing a debt, including your won valuable time as a director at the helm, then achieving a full return to profitability can be a considerable challenge with no support.

To help free you from debt and give you space to refocus your efforts and determination on the business, it is possible to restructure all your debt using a company voluntary arrangement. This allows you to consolidate all your debt and then service the outstanding amount with monthly repayments.

In order to implement a company voluntary arrangement you will need to work with a registered insolvency practitioner to help put your accounts in the required structure to present to your creditors, who will need to consent to the terms of the agreement.

Thinking of taking this course of action? Find out more about a company voluntary arrangement at our offices in East Anglia where you'll be able to talk to one of our expert advisors about all the options available to both you and your business.

Why choose McTear Williams & Wood?

  • The right facts and figures - you need the right evidence to support your claims that your company can return to profitability and meet the financial obligations of a company voluntary arrangement. We will find this information for you.
  • Working with creditors - it is essential that your creditors submit to the proposed schedule of repayments stipulated in a company voluntary arrangement. We will put your case to them and help explain why this course of action is in their interests.
  • Accountancy support - we understand how to present your accounts to your creditors in order to provide them with a fully accurate and transparent picture of your current situation.
  • Expert consultation - pick up our best advice on how to resolve your situation in a simple one to two hour meeting. If we do not think a company voluntary arrangement is the best for you then we will provide you with some ideas for alternative course of action.

Your next step

Time is critical with a company voluntary arrangement. Whilst there is still liquidity left in your business it is easier to put such an agreement in place, however if the situation is allowed to deteriorate then it may be the case that this option is no longer available to you.

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