Thinking of a company administration in King’s Lynn?

If your business is experiencing a financial crisis a company administration from McTear Williams & Wood could be your ideal next step.  Want to know more?  Call now on 0800 331 7417

Many businesses in the UK suffer from some kind of financial distress during their lifespan.  Changes in the market, problems with customers and key staff displacement are all factors that can catch directors off guard and cause the company to become financially unsettled.  A company administration conducted by an insolvency practitioner could be the ideal next step you need to buy you vital restructuring time to move the business on.  Liaise with your creditors and start to consider how your company could compete going forwards. 

At McTear Williams & Wood we have supported many companies through the administration process. Key to our success has been our experience in this area with a proven track record of helping directors achieve the optimal outcome in the face of adversity. 

Why not set up an initial consultation appointment to discuss your company administration at offices near King’s Lynn. You can meet with our senior advisors who will be happy to give you our best advice relating to your next course of action. 

Why implement a company administration?

  • Prevents further legal action - going into administration prevents your creditors from issuing a winding up petition and attempting to completely close down your business.
  • Better realisation of assets – an administration can often achieve a better 'realisation of assets' and ultimately a better result than liquidation.
  • Trade through your difficulties - an administration can buy you vital time to continue, protecting a business from its creditors and meeting the needs of your customers whilst the business is restructured.

Act now for the best result

If you think a company administration is right for you meet one of our experts at offices near King's Lynn to confirm whether this is the best option for your business. Through prompt action you may be able to salvage more value, some more jobs and get yourself in a position to successfully buy back the business and assets so you can trade in a new incarnation.  Call McTear Williams & Wood for a free consultation appointment now on 0800 331 7417