Case Studies

Since 2000 McTear Williams & Wood has helped numerous businesses facing insolvency back to profitability. Examples of some of the cases we have worked on appear below.

Facts: “It was a tough decision to make but it had to be faced, I made the call and McTear Williams & Wood were very, very helpful the whole time.

Facts: Retail experiment became loss making Unable to fund repayments on small property development Self-referred as known from previous work Background Having been a successful professional advisor in her own

Facts: Referred by: Accountant Industry sector: Health and safety audits and projects for public entertainment spaces Annual turnover: £550,000 Employees: 7 Bank overdraft: £75,000 Background The company had traded for

Facts: Referred by: Lawyer Industry sector: Survey and project management Annual turnover: £3 million: subsidiary of large group Employees: 29 Bank overdraft: Nil but debenture in support of group facility

Facts: Directors of a failed printing business Personally guaranteed the bank, some finance companies and the landlord for £180,000 Also had run up personal credit cards of £60,000 to keep

Facts: Industry sector: Wine production and bottling Annual turnover: £17 million Employees: 80 Bank: £760,000 mortgage and £780,000 CID facility HMRC: £3 million duty payment arrears Background The extent of

Facts: Precision engineer specialising in chemical processing Turnover £1.8million Large bad debt of £150,000 Bank overdraft and factoring £325,000 subject to director personal guarantees Full order book Referred from a

Facts: Oil and gas industry contractor Hit by a collapse in the order book Operating on 3 continents Lacked up-to-date management information and forecasts Was running blind Background In better

Facts: Referred by: Internet enquiry Industry sector: Manufacture of metal balustrades and staircases Annual turnover: £1 million Employees: 16 Bank mortgage and overdraft: £306,000 secured by a debenture and personal

Facts: Industry sector: Manufacture of wooden kitchen products Turnover: £793,000 Employees: 15 Bank: Nil Funding by: External investor and landlord Background The business was established over 100 years ago but

Facts: Referred by: Accountant Industry sector: Leisure and farming Successful family business Parents retiring and handing over to two siblings Siblings want to work separately Background Family had run a

Facts: Referred by: Accountant Industry sector: Manufacturing Employees: 330 Invoice discounters owed £2.8 million Background This Norfolk based manufacturer had traded for 27 years. Since scaling up the operation with

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