Administration Order in Ipswich

Even if your business is going to appear in Court faced with an administration order, there are still options for your business to trade on. 

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It is not so common for companies to be served with an administration order these days, as many now choose to appoint administrators out of Court by company directors.  However it can still be a vital step in company recoveries, helping you find the time to communicate with your suppliers and creditors and to return to profitability.

As an administration company in Ipswich, McTear Williams & Wood will always represent your best interests when applying to the Court for an administration order.  With a huge amount of experience in various business sectors we’re ideally placed to serve your needs.  For more information, we offer a fully confidential service where you can meet with one of our directors to discuss an Administration Order in our Ipswich office.

How it works

  • Free assessment – in the first instance we do not charge for our consultation appointments, during which we give our some of our best advice and information as to how to resolve your situation
  • Built around you – not only is our service completely confidential but we are also able to see you outside of normal business hours and provide you with direct dial numbers for our administration order experts in Norwich.
  • No personal liabilities – we work with you to help avoid you or any of the other directors of the company being held liable for any of the business’s debts.
  • Years of insolvency experience – by engaging with McTear Williams & Wood you are harnessing the power of a lifetime’s breadth of knowledge of helping companies in situations like yours through an administration order in Ipswich.

Why act now?

There may be a considerable amount of value left in your business however in an insolvency this will depreciate rapidly in a short period of time. An initial 1 or 2 hour appointment with one of our expert advisors in Ipswich will detail all the options available to your company and help you understand the ideal course of action which may include an administration order.  By delaying some of the options will cease to be available to you and your range of choices will become narrower. 

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