Have you received an Accelerated Payment Notice ("APN")? 

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These demands from HMRC are often unexpected and can put your business and family into financial distress if you are not able to find the capital to meet your obligations.

Over the past few years there has been a rise in the number of tax avoidance schemes. HMRC has used its powers to challenge the amount of tax lost to The Treasury through these schemes and is using APNs to advance receipt of £2.1bn of disputed tax.

You may have thought that you would never be liable for this tax and are struggling to find the money to meet the demand. This demand could create additional cashflow pressure on your business and personal life. However, there are still many choices available to help you restructure your debt and find the time to generate the capital needed to meet your obligations to The Treasury.

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How we can help you

At McTear Williams & Woods we have a number of different options that could help you or your business recover from the financial burden of an APN. These include:

  • Personal financial restructuring – if you are experiencing difficulty meeting your financial obligations because of an APN you can put all your debts on hold and buy time to refinance or sell assets in a controlled manner.
  • Company financial restructuring – businesses which have been issued with an APN have the option to package all their debts into one liability and reschedule payments over up to five years.
  • Business turnaround services - if an APN has had drastic consequences for your company it is possible to also work with McTear Williams & Wood to provide a wide range of rescue and corporate recovery services, quickly restoring cashflow and moving your business back to the fast lane.

Act now for your best result

If you are in any kind of financial difficulty it is always best to approach us when you are first aware of the problem. The sooner we are able to see you the more choices will be available to you.  Call us on 0800 331 7417